Wireless Microphones

2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer

2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer
2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer

2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer    2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer

2400W hi-fi system speakers amplifier wireless microphone mixer. Amplifier pa nightline 2.0 2400. 1x 10m cable for the speakers. This series will already be equipped with the best components and it offers you the faithful sound.

High-performance heights, soft midrings and low bass - this is the guarantee for high-performance sounds for disco or roque music. The set of microphones includes both microphones and you can use those almost everywhere. Really a set with all that you will need! 2x baffles dj-pro8 amplifier pa nightline 2.0 2400 mixing desk kn-djmixer10 from könig microphones system fm-9060 1x cable 10m for speakers 2x connection rca 1,5m stereo, plug / plug 1x audio cable, stereo plug at 2x rca 1.5m. 600 watt dj-pro speakers 8. Jukebox party for disco music or roque piezo loudspeaker for high performance speaker for middle sounds for soft sounds high performance high possibility with the handle bowl wooden case with the grill cover felt protection against damage plastic corners compact box for transport in the car ideal for mobile discos or installation in cellars arranged to dance etc. Technical data rated load rating: 150 watts load permissible pmpo: 300 watts bass speaker: 8 inches loudspeaker: 1 piezo, 1 horn connections: 2x clamps sound pressure: 92db (1m) impedance: 8 ohm frequencies: 50 -18000 hz dimensions (height x width x depth): 470 x 270 x 250 mm weight: 7 kg.

Amplifier nightline 2.0 2400. Performance characteristics output power stage in the housing (19 inches) safety shutdown during overheating and short-circuit audio output speakon (pa) with terminal to 4mm pinch volume adjustment to the right and left network switch rca input audio output on the right and left mains input 230v technical data production pmpo: 2x 1200 watts output power: 2x 600 watts max. Impedance: 4 ohm harmonic distortion (thd).

Details 3 way stereo output with choice stereo / mono crossfader talkover function 2x 5 del level meter inputs 2x phono (rca) 3x line (rca) 2x microphone (trs). 2 x wireless microphone receiver hollywood fm-9060.

2 channels, interference-free power supply up to 30m fm transmission receiver realization: 10mw frequencies: 50-15000hz signal-to-noise ratio:> 70 db harmonic distortion. Dimensions width x height x depth: 225 x 40 x 120 mm output by mono trs 1x 6.3mm power supply on 230v power supply unit. Power supply on batteries: block 9 v (2x scope of delivery) length x diameter: 240 x 45 mm battery life: 8-10h. This series is equipped with the best components and offers a transparent sound image in all areas.

Cutting height, sharp mid-range and punchy bass guarantee a rich sound even at high loads. The vhf-wireless microphone set with 2 microphones is versatile for use in music and pa area.

Hearing this set get -no matter where or on which occasion! 2 x boxes dj pro 8 1 x. Pa amplify nightline 2.0 2400. 1 x mixer könig kn-djmixer10. 1 x wireless microphone system fm-9060.

1 x 10m speaker cable 2 x RCA connection 1, 5m stereo male / male 1 x audio cable jack. Stereo to 2 x RCA 1, 5m. 600 watt dj-pro 8 boxes.

3-way party box for disco and rock music piezo tweeter for full pressure altitude horn midrange for soft centers hard suspension woofers for dry bass reproduction very high load capacity with carrying handle with feet solid wood cabinet with scratch-resistant protects against damage stable plastic protective corners compact box for transport Amplifier nightline 2.0 2400. Performance characteristics pa power amplifier in the 19th centuryhousing overtemperature and short circuit safety audio shutdown outputs speakon (pa) and 4 mm plug clamp terminal volume control of right and left channel power switch cinch audio input outputs left and right power input 230v power data power pmpo: 2 x 1200 watt power output: 2 x 600 watt max. Impedance: 4 ohm total harmonic distortion.

Technical data 3 stereo channels output with stereo / mono crossfader selection talkover function 2 x 5 led level indication. Inputs 2 x phono (RCA) 3 x line (RCA) 2 x microphone (jack). 2 wireless microphone receiver hollywood fm-9060.

2 channel operation without interference. Fm transmission in the vhf area. Frequency range 50 to 15,000hz. Operation at 230v via supplied ac adapter. Power supply of the transmitter -9v-block (2 x included).

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2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer    2400w Hifi System Speakers Amplifier Wireless Microphone Mixer