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Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished

Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished
Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished

Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished    Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished
Jabra Gn9120 micro boom dect phone headphone headset, dhsg, monaural, refurbished. This product page has been automatically translated.

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Distributor voip distri authorizied visit our home page are voices plus specialist ip business partners today registration - dealers voip access. Jabra gn9120 boom microphone headset wireless dect, mono headset, headset, phone (9120-30-01) refurbished / used. Headphones jabra dect compatible with: combined with ehs adapter / cable (optional) and existing phone: alcatel, snom, yealink, grandstream, thomson, siemens, unify, avaya, cisco, and ask more phones! A headset for today's office environment.

With jabra gn9120, your employees are not linked to their desk. They can pick up copies of the printer, grab a cup of coffee or stretch their legs while talking on the phone. Phone-intensive environments This mobility creates a healthier office environment, since your employees can vary their work posture.

It sort of satisfies the dacha employees that they do not feel chained to their desks. And it allows multitasking, where employees can combine conference calls with other activities. Compatible voip phones + ehs cable / adapter. Adapter alcatel temporis ip800 + alcatel ehs.

Snom 320/360/370 / p345 / d375 & 820/821/870 720/760 / d725 / d745 / d765 + snom ehs adapter. Avaya phones, cisco, unify and more phones please ask! Wireless technologies supported by the device. Talk range: up to 490 ft.

Range talk sets how far you can be at the base of the headset and always be connected and have a conversation. The device is not suitable for unified communications.

Direct connection to a desk phone. Up to 4 headphones can be attached to a base at the same time for conference calling purposes. Works with traditional desk phones. Control Center is not supported by this device.

This device has no direct jabra. Speakers with a narrowband frequency response are capable of producing sounds in a range well suited for traditional analog phone lines. Noise protection: stop of the ridge. This device does not use dsp (digital signal processing). Offers monophonic sounds through a speaker. Microphone type: omni directional / noise filter. Improves call clarity by eliminating background noise from the desktop.

Microphone sensitivity: n / a. The sensitivity level of the microphone is not available at this time for this device. Articulated arm type: soundtube / microphone.

A soundtube or micro boom arm can be set in and out for better adjustment, and carries sound through a tube to the mic, which is placed with the speaker. The microphone has excellent sound transmission - ideal for typical open office environments.

Mute gives you the option to enable / disable the microphone directly on the device. Battery & power (only by the new full battery). Talk time: up to 12 hours. Speaking time is the maximum time that you can talk in front of a device lacking power.

Standby time: up to 12 hour (s). Latency is the maximum time a device can remain powered on. Charging time: up to 90minutes. Charging time is the maximum time it should take to fully charge the battery. Ear contour or over the ear is a soft ear contour that gently and comfortably keeps the receiver in your ear.

A headband is fully adjustable, over-the-head wearing style. This device does not support an electronic switch. There is no display installation on this unit. Refurbished box gn9120 professional headset.

Dect headset with battery, dect, basic power supply eu. Helmet used with minimum for normal use, the helmet have been checked and cleaned by u.

Replacement part optional: new: jabra gn 9120/9125 incl. The right of withdrawal only if the customer is a consumer. Consumers in accordance with § 13 bgb. The language of the contract is German.

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Note in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance with respect to the first of us filled with products and delivered to the private packaging of sales to consumers, our company shall ensure compliance with our legal obligations according to § 6 of the ordinance of the national active recycling system of land of bell ag, mayence connected. More information is available on the website of the land bell sa. Inch of conversion table "in cm. Conversion formula 1 inch = 1 inch = 1 "= 2.54 cm Applicable law German law applies to the exclusion of United Nations sales law. This is an offer of.

World mathias gottensträter in the hagen 3 33790 hall westfalen germany. + 49 (0) 5201 730030.

+ 49 (0) 5201 7829. Sales tax identification number: 814065254. Gn9120 dect headset + base. The item "jabra gn9120 micro boom dect phone headset, dhsg, monaural, refurbished" is on sale since Sunday, December 24, 2017.

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  1. ean: 5706991000795
  2. headset type: overhead and / and ear hooks
  3. power: eu power
  4. brand: jabra
  5. Manufacturer Part Number: 9120-30-01
  6. article: gn9120 dect earphone headset
  7. content1 package: gn9120 dect headphones headset + base

Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished    Jabra Gn9120 Micro Boom Dect Phone Headphone Headset, Dhsg, Monaural, Refurbished