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Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro

Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro

Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro    Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro
Pronomic ubf-11 pro sport xt wireless system (headset) k8. System: rf, frequency band: 470 - 865 mhz, RF stability: +/- 0.005% (at 25 ° C), modulation: +/- 50 khz, dynamic range: 110 dB, signal to noise ratio. Receiver: transmission unit: 2 diversity antennas, tuner: quartz locked dual kanal, sensitivity:> -107db, noise suppression:> 80db, noise reduction / sqelch: dual squelch tone control & noise lock, power supply: 18v / 1a dc (electrical adapter included), housing: 9.5 plastic (rack mounting kit available as an option). Handheld transmitter: volume adjustable by potentiometer, convenient metal belt clip, connector: mini jack 2 poles (appropriate cable supplied), frequency response: 30 - 20,000 hz, mute switch, on / off button, detachable antenna, battery type: 2 AAA batteries (included), battery life: 2-4 hours, dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm, antenna length: 8.5 cm. Headset: adjustable neckband, electret condenser microphone, directivity: omnidirectional, frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz, sensitivity: -45 dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz, signal-to-noise ratio:> 70 dB at 1 khz (1pa), voltage range: 1.5 - 10 volts, weight: 27 grams, cable length: 1.2 meters, changeable cable (available as an option), removable adapter for all standard wireless systems.

Delivery: 1x ubf-11 k8 receiver, 1x ub-11 transmitter pocket k8, 1x pronomic hs-31 ea headset, 1x power supply, 1x audio cable, 2 x AAA batteries, 1x cable jack 6.3mm jack -> jack 3 , 5mm, 1x detachable adapter for headset. The new systems of the popular uhf / ubf-11 range are getting an essential update in the current version. With the three new frequencies from k7 to k9 you are ready for the digital dividend, that is to say, these systems are free from any authorization in Germany (k7 and k8 throughout Europe) even after the year 2015 In addition they offer true diversity true technology for optimal radio reception with a range of up to 90 m! The convenient clip allows you to hang the ub-11 pocket transmitter securely and save space on a belt, the size of a garment or a guitar strap.

That way you have a perfect fit for use in motion. In addition to the metallic finish of the belt clip gives it the guarantee of longevity. The uhf-11 receiver in a solid plastic housing can be mounted in a 19-rack with an optional mounting kit.

Pronomic hs-31 ea - an ultralight, comfortable headset that's perfect for taking voice or singing! The new EA (exchangeable adapter) range of microphones offers not only excellent carrying comfort and sound, but is also compatible with most major wireless systems. Thanks to the four removable adapters, the microphones can be easily connected to the pocket transmitters of pronomic, sennheiser, akg, shure and jts and with the adapter 17 also audio technica. Maximum flexibility The hs-31 is an ultralight headset with an adjustable neckband and because of its discretion will be ideal for speakers, singers and presenters. And thanks to its stable choker that gives a perfect fit, it is also suitable for eventful vocal performances and sports.

The headband microphone is comfortably worn and with its skin-colored surface it is barely recognizable. 2018-03-25 15:59 - 282852740988. Enjoy more than 30 years of experience with musical instruments and accessories.

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Artikelnummer: 00038523 / versandklasse: 30 / item 53339 / type: 9 / site: 71 / template: 800. L 'item "microphone headset pickup radio transmitter receiver set all pro" is on sale since Sunday, February 18, 2018.

It is in the category "musical instruments \ professional audio equipment \ microphones". The seller is "instrument-of-music" and is located in / maizieres put them -the removal not possible.

This item can be shipped to the following countries: france, germany, belgium.
  1. brand: pronomic
  2. type: micro headset
  3. age: contemporary
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: 00038523
  5. type of accessory: windshield
  6. technology: a capacitor
  7. use: conference
  8. connection: wireless
  9. mini frequency (hz): less than 20
  10. maximum frequency (hz): from 16,000 to 17,900
  11. number of microphones: 1

Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro    Microphone MIC Headset Radio Pack Transmitter Receiver Chest Set All Pro